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I got that too this time visiting Thailand. Aircon and darkened rooms make your immediate condition better but will make it take much longer to acclimatize and recover, so if you can hack being outside and just sleeping in a room with a fan then do it. If not there’s no real way to speed up recovery. Electrolyte powder mixed with water can help as a pick-me-up sometimes but not all the time. It’s a bigger for sure, when your mates are out having a good time and your trapped in your room, or even worse – you have to get a night bus to Nong Kai or Surathani. Definitely get the train instead if you have the option.

This is a copy of my FB post regarding my experience this morning with tart cherry juice concentrate. “Well that was interesting! It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find tart cherry juice at Trader Joe’s as it is the antioxidant/anti-inflammatory du jour. Friday after reading a post by Matt Frazier of No Meath Athlete regarding his experience with tart cherry juice concentrate I picked some up and began the 1oz twice a day regime he used, previously I’d just have a glass of juice after my run home from work. After yesterdays race/walk clinic I fully expecting to hobble around for a couple of days and was more than a little surprised when I woke up this morning with not just decreased muscle soreness, but NO muscle soreness, not even a hint. In Matts blog post he says he was most surprised at the disappearance of some undiagnosed shoulder pain he’s had for a few months. Although I don’t know if his problem is the same as my calcific tendonitis, his symptoms sound the same. In addition to having no muscle soreness, my shoulder discomfort which is at it’s peak in the morning was hardly noticeable. The studies for tart cherry juice are very promising for everything from muscle soreness to arthritis, gout and insomnia. Thanks mother nature.”

Nap 50s results

nap 50s results


nap 50s resultsnap 50s resultsnap 50s resultsnap 50s resultsnap 50s results